Tommy Koenig would like to thank the following people and organizations for all their help in the development and evolution of “BABY BOOM BABY”:

Executive Producer: Peter Barbour; Video, Post-Production and DVD Authoring: Barry Hirschberg; Director of Photography: Martin Cole; Lighting Director: Timothy Stephenson; Music Production: Dave Fields; Graphic Design: Frank Zepponi; Web Design: Jill Breth and Sue Tarlton; Production Coordinator: Paul Hallasy; Photography: Michael Amici, Peter Barbour, Jill Breth, Gordon Freed, Zoraida Pesante and Andrew Richter.

Special thanks to: Les Koenig and family, George Shapiro, Joe and Diane Garsetti, Ann Marie Danimus, Ramon Calvo, Gary Smith, John and Carla Boyle, Steven Adler, Lory Donatt, Steve Wiener, Liz Hirschberg, Missy Allan, Mitchell Bogard, Rosemary Ponzo, Eric Piesco, Russ Gerard, Tony DeLuca, Mike Codispoti, Barbara Daniels, Howie and LuEllen Zimmerman, Marc Freed, Emil Heringer, Sharon Fein-Feldman, Sal Vasi, Gary Baker, Brad Zimmerman, Peter Fogel, Carol Kassie, Ken and Carrie Sebryk, Howie and Diane Gilbert, Chris Kawolsky, Anne Marie Sanders, Kevin Barrett, Shawn Yetter, Diane Arbus, Steven Saporta, Bob Donnelly, Playhouse Productions, the theatres across the country and Mexico that have been our hosts and all our Rockaway and Facebook friends, fans and media who’ve seen the show and showed their love.

Also in memory of Stu Levine, Jerry Diner and Anne Breth.